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Rich & Trice Froning
6X Crossfit Games Champion
HIBR Investor


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Designed For Athletic Recovery

We believe that sleep is the most powerful recovery tool for our minds. We believe that when the mind is fully rested, calm and balanced that we can fulfill our most ambitious dreams.

The way we focus on recovery is by using the most innovative materials, latest sleep data and creating beautifully designed products. They are tested by athletes for enhanced muscle recovery and business professionals for enhanced cognitive recovery.

The RF Signature Mattress

Introducing the mattress that Rich Froning & Team Mayhem are using to help prepare for the 2018 Games. The RF Signature Series uses the latest technology in materials, quality and performance.

  • 4-Layer Energex™ Technology
  • Designed Using Sleep Data & Athlete Feedback
  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery & Joint Support
  • 11″ High Quality & Durability Design

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100% Made in America

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We have eliminated the retail store and allowed technology and innovation to take a front seat. Selling directly to the consumer allows us to offer wholesale pricing at a better than retail store rate.

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