Lindy Barber’s Visit to the HIBR Showroom & Greenville

In November of 2016, Lindy Barber of Crossfit Mayhem Freedom came to Greenville to visit HIBR and share her experiences with a group of local fitness enthusiasts. HIBR brought her here because we knew Lindy’s story and how powerful and inspiring it truly is (plus she’s just an awesome person).

So who is Lindy Barber? Well, if you don’t follow the world of Crossfit then you probably have never heard of her. She’s on the current #1 Crossfit Games Team in the world. She has competed in the Crossfit Games as an individual as well. She broke her back in 2011 and has made a full recovery, despite doctors telling her she’d never lift a barbell again. She now competes on Crossfit Mayhem Freedom – a team of super-athletes that trains at Rich Froning’s gym, Crossfit Mayhem. She’s an incredible human being too – always eager to help and share her experience with others.

Teaching Classes at SRCF

We invited Lindy down to Greenville to visit the new showroom and to workout at our favorite local Crossfit box, Swamp Rabbit Crossfit. Lindy held a seminar on a Friday night where she told her inspiring story. However, not only did she share her story – she held an interactive workshop where everyone took part in specific training exercises that she does on a daily basis to prevent ever injuring her back again. The audience loved her enthusiasm and knowledge of what she does. AND she taught two Crossfit classes on Saturday morning! Everyone that attended couldn’t have been happier to have a world class athlete coach their morning workout. Comparing Lindy’s fitness to that of the mere mortals that we are – is like saying that if we all play street ball, she’s in the NBA.

Visiting the Showroom

We also took Lindy to the showroom to discuss sleep and recovery, because of course she already sleeps on a HIBR mattress. The intense training she does on a day to day basis leaves her needing recovery and rest. The advanced foam in the HIBR mattress does a wonderful job of supporting joints and aiding in the recovery that our bodies perform on a nightly basis.

What did we learn from Lindy? Stay focused. Hard work and focus can get us to where we want to go. Setbacks don’t have to be permanent – they can be used as stepping stones to get to a better place. Also, hard work deserves to be rewarded – with a good night’s sleep obviously 🙂