Overnight Oats: The Crossfit Power Breakfast Loved by Rich Froning

Breakfast doesn’t have to be a hassle. Get off to the right start with Overnight Oats. It’s the easy go-to breakfast loved by CrossFit Legend Rich Froning. If he’s swimming or taking his daughter to school and needs to be up early, this is the great no-cook meal that jumpstarts his day.

What’s In Rich Froning’s Overnight Oats:

  • Quaker Oats
  • Protein Powder (One Serving)
  • Peanut Butter (Giant TBSP)
  • Honey
  • Strawberries / Blueberries
  • Whole Milk

How To Prepare

Add Quaker® Oats to a container of your choice and pour in milk. Add protein powder and stir. Alternate between layers of peanut butter and layers of strawberries / blueberries. Drizzle with honey. Place in fridge and enjoy in the morning or a few hours later! You can watch and listen to Rich talk about his breakfast in the video below.

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