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Maximized breathability and temperature regulation allows for your best night's sleep ever.


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It's been a year since I bought the side sleeper pillow, and I have not regretted it a single day. I've come to the point where if I know I'm going to be gone for longer than one night, I pack my pillow with my bags! The form is perfect for how I sleep and the cooling effect is heavenly. I highly recommend you get one for yourself!

Kay W.
Side Pillow Owner

The HIBR Pillow

Two Shapes for Better Comfort

  1. HIBR Side Pillow


  2. HIBR Silhouette Pillow


  • The Side Design

    This pillow is great for all types of sleeping styles, but you'll especially love it if you sleep on your side.

    HIBR Side Sleeper Pillow Specs
    HIBR Side Sleeper Pillow Specs
    • Fun and versatile design that offers the widest range of options
    • Unique front design is great for people that place their arm under their pillows
    • Smaller shape allows for better stability and support
    • Helps support and align neck and shoulders throughout the night
    • Reversible
  • The Silhouette Design

    This is the HIBR take on a classic memory foam contour design. This unique shape is suited for back and side sleepers in need of extra neck support.

    Silhouette Pillow Specifications
    Silhouette Pillow Specifications
    • Traditional memory foam “contour pillow” design
    • Helps with neck, shoulder and back issues by aligning the spine and allowing your body to relax
    • Perfect for people with sleeping issues
    • Optimized curved profile
    • Reversible for both small and broad shouldered people

The Technology Under the Cover

The technology and innovation of HIBR is what has made our products so successful. We don't glue together a bunch of different materials and cross our fingers hoping you won't notice.

We developed the next phase in memory foam products that has raised the bar for sleep products and what is possible through technology.

HIBR Pillow Gel Inside HIBR Pillow Surface Layer HIBR Pillow Outer Cover

The Magic Core

We developed a technology that uses solid gel capsules imbedded in the highest quality memory foam. These capsules change from a solid to a liquid state when heat is applied.


Infused Cooling Layer

This technology separates HIBR from the pack. While others glue cheap plastic "gel" mats to their pillows we figured out how to infuse a cooling layer into the foam - allowing your pillow to breathe.


The Complete Pillow

Combining multiple technologies to build the perfect pillow that allows people to sleep better was our goal. You can rest assured that you're sleeping on the latest pillow innovations.

The HIBR Pillow

"A lot of tech, thought, and design went into the HIBR Pillow, but it'd all be for nothing if it weren't comfortable to sleep on, and after sleeping on it for several months, it's really comfortable to sleep on. It definitely keeps its promises."

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