LOVE the mattress! It's so comfortable.

Lindy Barber
CrossFit Games Champion


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Oh, Hello there...Welcome to my bed chamber....Shout out to @HIBR for the sweet sleeps. Best mattress I've ever had. #eatsleeptrainrepeat

Do something everyday to improve yourself. I'm leveling up my sleep game with @hibrsleep thank you for the mattress

Can't wait to open up this bad boy. It's my new bed from @HIBR sleep. There's a luxurious king size bed in this box.

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4.7/5 Stars

  1. 5

    Have only had the mattress for a week but so far I have had no leg or hip pain since sleeping on it.

  2. 5

    Having no hip pain during the night says it all, great mattress!

  3. 5

    We love our side pillows! Best pillow I have ever owned.

  4. 5

    I recently purchased a hibr pillow and it is amazing! I am a side/stomach sleeper, so it is difficult to find a pillow that will not strain my neck. But the hibr pillow is just right on firmness and softness!

  5. 5

    My wife and I both have back problems so we decided to upgrade our mattress from a traditional spring mattress to the hibr foam mattress. It's been amazing! The mattress is firm and supportive while comforting & soft at the same time. Thanks for a awesome mattress HIBR!

  6. 5

    Easily the most comfortable and personal mattress. For years I slept on another memory mattress priced much higher than my HIBR. Not only is the mattress amazing but the pillows are the best on the market Thank you

  7. 5

    My precious bed SUNK (granted it was old), but I tried this one out at my brothers house and found out it EXTREMELY comfortable. Growing up tumbling from gymnastics and cheerleading has left me in my young adult years with a sore back on a lot of days -- just from laying down ONCE, INITIALLY, it's like a miny-back alignment. The science behind the mattress but is magnificent - as correct posture while sleeping is what TRULY rests us. I wake up FEELING energized, I used to wake up tired. This mattress, for the price, is THE way to go. I can't stop telling people about it. Also - awesome customer service. Jennifer helped me so kindly and efficiently when I accidentally forgot to pick out some pillows included in my coupon (oh yeah sign up for their emails and SAVE). This mattress seriously is way more bang for your buck. THANK YOU HIBR

  8. 2

    I am finding the bed to be too firm. The memory foam does not seem to shape to my body due too the hardness. I am still tossing and turning and waking up with an aching back. I have Had the bed about a month and will give it more time thanks to their 90 day trial; hoping that things improve but so far haven't really had the same experience everyone else appears to be having.

  9. 5

    I got the queen sized mattress after twenty years of sleeping on various twin spring mattresses. The difference is night and day, no pun intended. For the slight price difference I honestly wish I got a king. Everyone who lays on it (including the dog!) tell me they wish they had one. The perfect balance of softness and firmness. My old bed I used to lounge on sort of like a couch so I'm not quite sure how the memory foam will react. The mattress also arrived less than a week after my purchase with very easy unblocking instructions. It comes vacuum sealed so the box is narrow (although heavy). I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase, and with the money I saved ($805 for this mattress with a discount compared to a Bob's $1100 foam mattress) I got myself some neat sheets. Will invest in some pillows soon! Thanks HIBR.

  10. 5

    I've tried so many pillows from expensive, custom to department store, and then I found HIBR. I can't recommend this pillow enough- the very first night, I slept all night. It is cool, comfortable, and very affordable. Thank you for changing my life!

  11. 5

    We just set up the mattress tonight and I almost fell asleep while testing it out! It was easy to unpack (really fun actually) and all the packing material is well designed and cute. We're looking forward to many restful nights!

  12. 5

    Excellent product. Highly recommend

  13. 5

    My boyfriend surprised me with purchasing the queen size mattress a couple months after I fell in love with the silhouette pillow! It use to take me so long to get comfortable on my old mattress and with Hibr I'm out in no time. Its reduced the amount of aches and pains and I feel like I don't snore as much as I did before. We now own the side pillow, silhouette pillow, and queen size mattress. These products really do change your sleep patterns for the better!

  14. 5

    This is our 3rd pillow purchase from HIBR & we also have the Cal King bed. Pillows are so comfy! I especially love the side sleeper. I have a hot head & they keep me much cooler. Can't go anywhere without it, would love to see a travel size!

  15. 5

    The bed is exactly as advertised. One of the best benefits is the cool nature of the bed. It keeps you cool at night. So far so good.

  16. 5

    This is my serving time buying HIBR pillows and I'm a big fan. They provide excellent support and don't seem to deteriorate with time at all. Highly recommend.

  17. 5

    I purchased this mattress after I slept on a friend's mattress that was so much more comfortable than mine! After 2 months of great sleep, I can totally recommend this. (I have a king size adjustable bed which has 2 xl twin mattresses) It works great. Perfect denseness for me.

  18. 5

    After my old Queen Mattress started hurting my back I knew it was time for a new one. I wanted memory foam but there were so many brands and choices. After two weeks of searching I picked HIBR. As luck would have it I live in Greenville, SC and was able to go test the HIBR Mattress before ordering it online. I am very happy with The two side pillows and the Mattress. Before I usually woke up at 5:30 every morning after a lot of tossing and turning. Now I sleep till 8 or 9 and wake up feeling rested and without pain. Hats off to the HIBR Team!

  19. 3

    Great pillow BUT like many others, the pillow is just too thin. The company needs to make the same pillow but with another 2-3 inches of height. Right now it's made for probably an 11 year old frame not an adult. Feels cool to the touch which is nice, but if your head is below your body when you sleep that defeats any positive a pillow brings

  20. 5

    Most comfortable mattress I've owned. I spent hours researching and decided on the HIBR king and love it. I sleep hot and foam mattresses usually don't work for me but this one breathes better than any I've had.

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